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‘Yes And’ Adaptability And Gratitude For The Improv Of Life

The world is unpredictable and chaos is rampant. In order to thrive, we have to remain adaptable and nimble. How? The answer lies in improv. Let’s set the scene: It’s your birthday and some close friends are out having a few drinks when you… Continue Reading “‘Yes And’ Adaptability And Gratitude For The Improv Of Life”

The Little Things: Appreciating Tiny Blessings

I almost set my apartment on fire last night. I should probably provide some context. I’ve been very busy lately. With Zoom University in full swing, my plate is so full you’d think it was Thanksgiving. Schedule? Packed Body? Fatigued Brain? Missing ($30 dollar… Continue Reading “The Little Things: Appreciating Tiny Blessings”

Saying Vs. Doing: Following Through On Best Laid Plans

During the school year, I live in an apartment with three friends. We’re all acting majors and we all possess distinctly different personalities. It’s an incredibly unique space that we share and I’ve affectionately named it The Citadel (a name that has not yet… Continue Reading “Saying Vs. Doing: Following Through On Best Laid Plans”

You’re More Creative Than You Think: The Myth of Left Brain

I’m about as left-brained as they come. I’m a numbers guy. I’m not creative. I’ve encountered a good few folks with the ‘creative vacancy’ mindset and, without fail, I’m always perplexed by it. It’s no secret that there is a healthy portion of the… Continue Reading “You’re More Creative Than You Think: The Myth of Left Brain”

Adapting To Change: Finding Stability During Transition

This post is a bit late as I have been journeying from Memphis back to NYC. I survived the plane ride and have officially settled back into my apartment. Large transitions like this are not typically easy, both logistically and emotionally, so I figured… Continue Reading “Adapting To Change: Finding Stability During Transition”

You Could Be An Expert At Anything… So Why Aren’t You?

You could be an expert at anything, right now. So why aren’t you? People say that if you comprehensively read three books on any given subject, you’ll know more on that subject than 95% of the population (of course this only accounts for book… Continue Reading “You Could Be An Expert At Anything… So Why Aren’t You?”

The Influence of Individuals and Associated Responsibility

You are an incredibly influential individual. The choices you make, big and small, have direct and consequential effects on the world as we know it. You are burdened with immense power and subsequently an immense responsibility. You– specifically, you. This isn’t a line ripped… Continue Reading “The Influence of Individuals and Associated Responsibility”

A Guide To Friendship: Navigating Shifting Social Circles

Most of us don’t talk to our best friend from kindergarten all that much anymore. There isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s totally normal. Maybe one of you enrolled in a different middle school. Maybe, as time went on, you both pursued different interests… Continue Reading “A Guide To Friendship: Navigating Shifting Social Circles”

Discipline- Small Ways To Increase Your Work Ethic

Many people have a proclivity to push off work until the last minute, so much so that the phrase, “I’m a procrastinator” has become akin to a cute, colloquial personality trait. There is no harm in leisure and the opportunity to kick back and… Continue Reading “Discipline- Small Ways To Increase Your Work Ethic”

Accountability vs. Self Blame- Letting Go of The Past to Succeed in The Present

Accountability, they say, is a pillar of being a successful and healthy person. It’s the mature, respectable, and productive course of action when we make a mistake. We’ve all had missteps in life, be they game changing miscalculations or a minor faux pas at… Continue Reading “Accountability vs. Self Blame- Letting Go of The Past to Succeed in The Present”