So What’s The Point?

Most everyone has had to go through major transitions in their lives. With that comes excitement, growth, and good stories to tell. Enter Memphattan (have fun trying to pronounce that one). In 2018, I moved from Memphis, TN to New York, NY. Since then, I’ve danced the delicate dance of embracing exciting opportunity, battling the dragon of homesickness, and seeking community in an entirely new world.

I’ve made the trek up north to pursue my BFA in Acting at Pace University. Two years later, I’ve come to find that I’ve collected a good few stories to share. On Memphattan, I’d like to share my experience of the study/pursuit arts on an urban campus as well as what it’s like to leave home in order to chase a passion. I hope that my experiences can be helpful to others, if not entertaining at the very least. Thanks for stopping by and make yourself at home.

I can’t see this world unless I go, outside my Southern Comfort Zone.”

Brad Paisley
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