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What Counts As Art?

I’m going to show you a picture… At a Modern Art gallery in San Francisco, a teenager left a pair of glasses on the floor as a bit of lighthearted, ironic fun. What happened next is the interesting part. Museum patrons who crossed paths with this new ‘exhibit’ stop to take pictures- mistaking the regular,… Read More What Counts As Art?

Vulnerability In Acting

Vulnerability on stage is essential as an actor. It acts as an entry point for the audience into the character and the events of the play. It’s compelling and it’s honest. It’s also difficult. Over the course of my studies in college, many of the notes I’ve received in class revolve around vulnerability, more specifically,… Read More Vulnerability In Acting

The Importance of Storytelling

Every year, masses from around the globe flock to Jonesborough, TN, a small town that less than 6,000 people call home. They gather in Jonesborough for the National Storytelling Festival. In 1973, sixty or so people gathered on hay bales and wagons to share stories with one another. Today, those wagons have been replaced with… Read More The Importance of Storytelling


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