The Fella With The Keyboard

Hey y’all. I’m Aris and I’m excited to be going on this journey with all of you. I made the decision to pursue Acting because I find meaning in storytelling. Ever since the beginning of time, people from different walks of life gathered around a campfire to hear a common story. Stories always have and always will bring people together. It only makes sense that I would want to share some here! Hopefully, you’ll share some of your stories with me as well. Since we’re in this together, here is a bit about myself:

I once shaved with a sword (only a few shaving cuts).

My favorite types of food are all spicy. Indian and Mexican are at the top of the list.

I’m terrified of tornado sirens. Not the tornado, just the siren.

Cool, now that we’re acquainted, let’s explore. Make yourself at home and have a look around!

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