The Little Things: Appreciating Tiny Blessings

I almost set my apartment on fire last night.

I should probably provide some context. I’ve been very busy lately. With Zoom University in full swing, my plate is so full you’d think it was Thanksgiving.

Schedule? Packed

Body? Fatigued

Brain? Missing ($30 dollar reward to whoever can return it to me)

Still, a fella has to find time to cook up some dinner. So last night, in true college student fashion, I decided to make the easiest and most economical dinner I could. I had bread, butter, and a toaster at my disposal. My tired brain rumbled for a moment and as my mental cogs shed their cobwebs I was hit with a stroke of brilliance: Make Toast!

Boom: I’m a culinary Macgyver.

While the toast was, well, toasting, I decided to give my friend, Marc, a call. Maybe it was because of my general exhaustion or because of my devotion to our riveting conversation but regardless, I managed to neglect my toast (soon to be charcoal) as it heated up to stupid proportions. Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off and I’m forcibly ripped from my phone call to address the repercussions of my inattentiveness.

Once the toast, more brick than bread at this point, was ejected from the toaster and my fire alarm satiated, I took a moment to appreciate my culinary carnage. The bread had past the point of golden glow and was comfortably settled into an obsidian territory.

I ate it anyways.

So why did I divulge this epic saga? Because it makes me laugh. Even though I was having a hectic week and my toast burnt, I was able to find humor in the misstep. I was able to appreciate the little things. Appreciation of the little things- it’s a life saver. I know that it can seem like a cliche, the kind of thing to appear on a sappy, motivational IG post. However, it’s actually a vital tool for making it through the day, especially when the waters are choppy.

Human beings have a tendency to look toward the negative. That only makes sense, considering that thousands of years ago- to ignore the negative aspects of our lives was to die. If you were locked in an epic struggle with nature for your very survival, which of the following is more deserving of your attention: the pretty flowers or the race to find enough food to survive the week? Hint: it’s not the flowers.

As such, we’re hardwired to pay attention to the stress in our lives. Sometimes, that stress can seem like a hurricane, enveloping our entire day- maybe even the week. It can be easy to forget the little things that go right, make us smile, or laugh. To avoid that spiral, I like to pay extra attention to the little things: the pretty flowers, the comfortable weather, the nice man on the subway. The world becomes a brighter place.

Appreciate the little things.

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