Month: May 2020

Vulnerability In Acting

Vulnerability on stage is essential as an actor. It acts as an entry point for the audience into the character and the events of the play. It’s compelling and it’s honest. It’s also difficult. Over the course of my studies in college, many of… Continue Reading “Vulnerability In Acting”

A Guide To Friendship: Navigating Shifting Social Circles

Most of us don’t talk to our best friend from kindergarten all that much anymore. There isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s totally normal. Maybe one of you enrolled in a different middle school. Maybe, as time went on, you both pursued different interests… Continue Reading “A Guide To Friendship: Navigating Shifting Social Circles”

Discipline- Small Ways To Increase Your Work Ethic

Many people have a proclivity to push off work until the last minute, so much so that the phrase, “I’m a procrastinator” has become akin to a cute, colloquial personality trait. There is no harm in leisure and the opportunity to kick back and… Continue Reading “Discipline- Small Ways To Increase Your Work Ethic”

Accountability vs. Self Blame- Letting Go of The Past to Succeed in The Present

Accountability, they say, is a pillar of being a successful and healthy person. It’s the mature, respectable, and productive course of action when we make a mistake. We’ve all had missteps in life, be they game changing miscalculations or a minor faux pas at… Continue Reading “Accountability vs. Self Blame- Letting Go of The Past to Succeed in The Present”

Memorizing Efficiently- Monologues, Scenes, Songs

Like many others, I find myself in the throws of finals week- envying my friends who are already on summer vacation. As the assignments stack up, so does the amount I had/have to memorize (especially for my performance classes). One piece in particular was… Continue Reading “Memorizing Efficiently- Monologues, Scenes, Songs”