‘Powerful’ Affirmations- A Collaboration Piece With reasonstolivefor.com

I Am Powerful Affirmations

In my earlier posts on this blog, prior to shifting toward an arts focus, many of my posts revolved around empowerment, lifestyle, and individual responsibility. Empowerment- that is the main focus of reasonstolivefor.com and as such I was excited for the opportunity to do a collaboration piece with them.

You can find their blog at:


Without further ado- the collab piece:

We know it can feel like no one is listening.

Like nobody cares.

It can be easy to feel that way in a world that moves at such an exponentially fast rate. As the world progresses and 2020 harbors a bleak looking reality, it is important to remember that those feelings of overwhelming isolation may not be as true as we think. In this day and age, many people are likely feeling similarly to you.

The world seems like it is on its head- a pandemic, financial instability, and social tensions rising. It is a time of distress for many. Social media masks the struggles each person goes through and quarantine most definitely amplifies our use of social media, as it is one of our only connections to the outside world.

The key to bridging the gap between reality and fiction can be found through positively impacting the world around you. But what can you do? The feeling of powerlessness can be exacerbated by a lonely quarantine. These feelings are valid- but remember this: you as an individual have more influence than you think you do.

What do we mean?

The world is a network of people. Each person has the ability to shape the world around them by influencing their own individual space. Use this time to better yourself, to reflect on your accomplishments.

Pick up a hobby, get in shape, clean your room, do something kind for someone else. This has a profound impact on the world around you.


When you lift yourself up, even in little ways, and end the day a better person than when it started, that radiates outward. That influence and example spreads. All it takes is one person to get it started.

Make it your mission to lift others up. Let’s say you make the day of five people. Then in turn they each do the same for five others. Before you know it, your actions have transitively impacted hundreds. You’re not powerless. In fact, you have a lot of power.

In times like these, it is easy to feel powerless. That is a trap that can and should be avoided. Recognize that you have the power to lift yourself up and the others around you.

Disregarding that truth, resigning to nihilism, does you no good. The ‘I am powerless’ mentality is a self fulfilling prophecy, so act otherwise. Act as though every action you take matters, because it does.

YOU can surprise yourself.

YOU can better yourself.

YOU will fight your demons.

YOU can love yourself.

I Am Powerful Affirmations
I Am Powerful Affirmations

Nobody said it will be easy, in fact, facing the world and enacting good on the daily can be a difficult, albeit noble task. Take it one day at a time. Celebrate little victories. Try and be slightly better today than you were yesterday.

Before you know it, you’ll be positively impacting the world around you in ways you don’t fully see. Reflect. Go for a run. Read. Write. Achieve and chase something- the only person stopping you is yourself. Recognize you are a powerful and integral node in the 7.8 billion person network that is humanity.

The world throws things at us. It can knock us off of our feet. However, humanity is resilient. You are resilient. We face the suffering of the world everyday and we are stronger for it- and if we try, we are able to reduce that suffering.

Not just for ourselves, but the others around us. That is your power. That is your love. Fix up your own life- you’ll be changing the lives of others.

Time changes, no two days are the same. Your time will come, you just have to recognize your potential and follow through. It can be scary, but you have the opportunity. Face the dragon. Be resilient. That is what being human is all about. It is what you were born to do.

Conclusion on I Am Powerful Affirmations

When you feel like there is nothing you can do about your current situation, even you know that is not true. However, true change requires real effort. Let’s acknowledge the fact that most of us are average humans but let’s also start believing that an average human has the capability to do extraordinary things. And this is not some generic motivation write-up, I am talking from first hand experience. So rise and reach your true potential. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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